Robert Adler
Patents and Inventions
TV remote control, 1956, (US patent 2,817,025)

Robert Adler (1913 – 2007) was an Austrian-born American inventor; holds 180 patents for electronics devices; best known for the improvement of TV remote control (US patent 2,817,025).

Title Primary Class Description Inventor Assignee Issue Date Patent No.
Noise pulse interruption of synchronizing signal separator 348/533 A synchronizing circuit that improved reception at the fringes of a television station's broadcast area. Robert Adler; Northfield &Meyer Marks Zenith Radio Corporation, Illinois November 26, 1957 US2,814,671
Control System 367/199 Television Remote Control. While not the first remote control, its underlying technology was a vast improvement over previous remote control systems. It was mechanical and used ultrasound waves, above the range of human hearing, to change the channel and volume. When the user pushed a button on the remote control, it clicked and struck a bar, hence the term "clicker". Each bar emitted a different frequency and circuits in the television detected this sound tones as “channel-up,” “channel-down,” “sound on/off,” or “power on/off.” Robert Adler Zenith Radio Corporation, Illinois December 17, 1957 US2817025

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